Terms & Conditions


KSB IT Solutions is the developer and owner of all rights to the OXO E-shops platform, and it is a local Saudi company under Commercial Registration: 4030413873 - headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Subscribing to OXO E-Shops services through the website, application, e-mail, paper, or any other form requires agreeing to the following terms (Terms & Conditions). The services - provided by KSB IT Solutions - the owner and developer of the services of the platform (OXO E-shops) - under the terms & conditions that includes many products, features and tools - that help you create and manage your e-business (the service chosen by you).

Any new features or tools added to the current service are also subject to the same terms - Terms & Conditions - and you can view the terms at any time on the following link: https://oxo-eshops.com/cp

The owner and developer (OXO E-Shops) has the right to update and change the terms of use by posting updates and changes on its main website or application. You are also advised to visit the Website from time to time to view any update that may affect you.

You must read and agree to all the terms of the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policies before accrediting you as an official user of OXO E-shops.

That by using OXO E-shops or any of its services you agree to these terms.

1- Account Terms:

● You are 18 years old or over or have reached the age of majority according to the laws and regulations of the country from which you use the service, or you have an official business entity with an effective commercial registry.

● You must register to (OXO E-shops) to use the service and benefit from it by writing the full name as registered in the official papers, the current address, mobile number, a valid email and any information required - as shown - requested in the registration form. OXO E-Shops has the right Refusal of the request to create any account - and OXO has the right to cancel any account for a valid reason in accordance with the powers granted.

● OXO E-shops have the right to use the email address as the primary means of communication.

● The user is responsible for saving and restoring his password. Also (OXO E-shops) is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of forgetting and not maintaining the security of the account and password.

● The user is responsible for all activities and content such as data, graphics, images and links that are uploaded under his account in the content of the store and should not transmit any virus or any codes of a destructive nature.

● A breach or violation of any term in the Terms & Conditions as described in accordance with the powers granted by OXO E-shops will lead to the immediate termination of the user's services and a claim for compensation after the customer is officially notified and does not respond.

2- Activate the account:

2.1 OXO E-shops Account:

● Under Article 1.2, the person benefiting from the service is the contracting party (the account owner) who is subject to the Terms & Conditions and is the only person authorized to manage any other account that we may provide to him.

● If you subscribe to the service on behalf of the business owner, then the business owner is the account holder, and you are authorized by him and accordingly the terms apply to him.

2.2 Payment services, SADAD account, Visa / MasterCard and credit card:

● OXO E-shops has the right on behalf of the user to provide SADAD, Visa or MasterCard with his information or other payment services at the request of the account holder after completing the registration.

● The user acknowledges that activating the SADAD account and/or credit card payment services and/or Visa/MasterCard or any other electronic payment services will be his full responsibility as the owner of the account. If he does not wish to keep it active, the responsibility for cancellation also lies with him. Whereas SADAD services and/or Visa/MasterCard credit cards or any other electronic payment services are third party services and it is solely the responsibility of deactivating the service as the service is provided by a third party.

● - By using the SADAD account and/or the Visa / MasterCard credit card payment services or other electronic payment services in the store, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of the SADAD account and / or the Visa credit card / or other electronic payment services as a third party As described in the terms of use displayed when activating the service in the application / website. If it is modified or changed, a new version will be published in the application / website. The modifications are effective as of the date of publication. Any use after the publication of such modifications constitutes acceptance of the new SADAD Account Terms and/or the Visa/MasterCard Credit Card Payment Services Terms. or other electronic payment services. Other electronic payment services and not continue to use the SADAD account and / or Visa / MasterCard credit card or other electronic payment services within the payment services in its own store.

2.3 Cash on Delivery Service:

● When subscribing to the service and at the request of the account holder, the payment on delivery service will be activated using his information.

● The user acknowledges that he is fully responsible for the payment services on delivery as the owner of the account - and if he wants to cancel this service, he must do so himself or at his request. Because it is a third-party service.

● The user acknowledges agreeing to the terms and conditions that the third party is subject to when using the payment on delivery service described when activating the service in the application / website. If it is modified or changed, a new version will be published in the application / website. The amendments are also considered effective since the date of publication, and the use of the service - after the publication of the new terms is - an approval of the amendment or change and acceptance of those changes - the user must deactivate the service - when he refuses - for any changes that occur to the terms of the payment service on delivery and is not entitled to He may continue to use the cash on delivery service at his store.

2.4 Bank Transfer Service:

● OXO E-shops has the right to activate the bank transfer service once subscribing to the service and at the request of the account holder, using his information.

● The user bears full responsibility for managing the bank transfer services as the account owner and is obligated to maintain the correct bank account information for his store. The account holder is responsible for activating or deactivating the account. OXO E-shops shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the account holder's failure to maintain or manage wire transfer payments and statements.

● The account holder is deemed to agree to the bank's terms and conditions by simply using the bank transfer service in his store. OXO E-shops is not responsible for any violation of the Bank's terms and conditions. If the account holder does not agree to the terms and conditions of the bank, he must disable the bank transfer services and not continue to use them in the store.

2.5 Domain Names (Online Store Link):

● OXO E-shops allows the account holder to link the primary and sub identifier when purchasing an identifier (link) through third-party services as long as the store account is still active. And the account holder acknowledges that he is responsible for ordering and purchasing the domain (link), activating and deactivating it based on his desire. OXO E-shops shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the account holder's failure to maintain and administer his domain (link to it) from third party services.

3- General provisions:

You must read, agree to, and accept all terms and conditions in this Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1. The assistance for all OXO E-Shops users is provided only by location / application and e-mail.

2. The terms of use are a applied to the systems of the Saudi Arabia accredited and the parties agreed on the jurisdiction of the judiciary - in Saudi Arabia - by any dispute or claim arising from the terms & conditions.

3. The account owner recognizes that Oxo E-Shops may adjust these terms of use at any time by deploying the modified terms on the Oxo E-Shops and / or application available on the https://oxo-eshops.com/ CP

4. Amendments to the terms & conditions appointed from the date of publication. The use of the account holder of services after the amendment, which is published on the OXO E-Shops and / or application is approved for acceptable terms. The account holder should stop using the service if it is not approved for any changes in the terms & conditions.

5. The account may not use the OXO E-Shops service for any illegal or regular purpose or for any unauthorized purposes and is not entitled to use the service in any form represents a violation of any private system or law - copyright laws and intellectual property rights - and is entitled to OXO E-Shops Revolving any account violates any of the above.

6. The user acknowledges that it does not repeat, copy, sale, resell, exploit any part of the service, use or access them without obtaining an explicit written permission from OXO E-Shops.

7. The user must realize that his store content (excluding payment information) can be transmitted unencrypted and include (a) transmission via different networks, and (b) changes to adapt and in line with technical requirements for networks or connectors. Payment is always encrypted during transport from one network.

8. The user is approved and agrees to use the service, including information that is sent to or stored by OXO E-Shops, subject to its own privacy policy.


1. The terms & conditions will be available in both Arabic and English. In the event of any conflict or contradiction between the terms of the English and the conditions available in Arabic. The Arabic version is the supported version at HTTPS: // OXO-Eshops / CP

4- OXO E-Shops rights:

1. OXO E-Shops are entitled to modify or terminate the service with an earlier alarm at any time if any fear for any laws.

2. OXO E-Shops is entitled to remove the content of the store and accounts that include the content of OXO E-Shops according to their unlawful or enable appreciation or a threat or defamation or extrusion or promotes for pornographic, disagreement or unwanted contents in any way or violate property IP for any party or violates the terms & conditions.

3. Poor or linear treatment of any type (including the abuse of ill-treatment or revenge) from any customer from OXO E-Shops, or an OXO E-Shops employee, a member or an official that will take formal action against the client may reach termination for his account immediately.

4. OXO E-shops has the right to provide its services to any party even if it is a competitor to other parties benefiting from the same services. Any of the sectors available in the market.

5. In the event of a dispute regarding account ownership, OXO E-shops has the right to request documentation to verify or confirm account ownership. Documentation may include, but is not limited to, an electronic (scanned) copy of the user's business license, a copy of the national identity card, and the last four-digit numbers.

6. OXO E-shops has the right to decide at its own discretion or after legal advice to whom the account is owned and may decide to transfer the account to the rightful owner. If OXO E-shops is not able to logically determine the legitimate account holder and a reasoned decision, it has the right to temporarily suspend the account until the conflicting parties are separated by a court ruling or a binding agreement decision to be held in the presence of a legal advisor.

5- Limitations of Liability:

1. The user agrees and understands that OXO E-shops shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special consequential damages including but not limited to, damages for loss of profit, reputation, use, data or other intangible losses resulting from the use or inability to use the Service.

2. In no event shall OXO E-shops and its distributors be liable for loss of profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from its services or these Terms & Conditions (including through negligence). The user agrees to indemnify and protect OXO E-shops and (as the case may be) We Gain Information Technology parent company, affiliates or associated with OXO E-shops or OXO E-shops partners, officers, directors, agents, employees or suppliers not harmed by Any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising from the user's breach of these Terms & Conditions or the documents contained therein by reference, or his violation of any system, law or any right of the public.

3. The account holder is entirely responsible for the use. THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED “AS It is” AND “AS AVAILABLE” WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR statutory warranty or conditions.

4. OXO E-shops does not guarantee in the event of any defect in the provision of services beyond its ability or due to emergency or force majeure conditions - that no defect or error will occur, and OXO E-shops is committed to taking all necessary and reasonable steps to fix the problem.

5. OXO E-shops does not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other materials purchased or obtained from the user via the Service will meet your expectations but that any errors in the Service will be corrected.


● The failure of OXO E-shops to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of such right and your use of the Service is subject to the Terms of Use - the entire agreement between OXO E-shops and the user - superseding any prior agreements between you and OXO E-shops - Including, for example, previous versions of the Terms & Conditions - but not limited to, oral agreements or preliminary communications.

7. Intellectual Property and Customer Content:

1. OXO E-shops has no right to claim intellectual property rights over the content that (the store) uploads to OXO E-shops, and all content you upload is your property and does not mean a waiver of the terms and policies of OXO E-shops or no liability when fall into a breach. You can also delete OXO E-shops at any time by requesting account deletion from Customer Service.

2. When the content is uploaded to the store, the user agrees to the following:

● Allow other Internet users to view the store's content.

● Allow OXO E-shops to view and save your store content.

● OXO E-shops has the right to review the uploaded store content at any time to ensure its safety and compliance with the terms and conditions.

1. The user retains ownership of all content uploaded to OXO E-shops, and in any case when the store is public it is the consent of others to view the store content. The user is also responsible for implementing the regulations, laws, and requirements applicable to the store's content.

2. OXO E-shops will not disclose confidential user information to third parties unless it is required during the provision of the service and with the user's prior consent and knowledge. Confidential information includes any materials or information that a user provides to OXO E-shops that is not known to the public. Confidential information does not include information that:

● It was available in public domains at the time we received it.

● Comes into the public domain after being received by OXO E-shops through no fault of the OXO E-shops.

● receive OXO E-shops from someone other than you without breach of our or their confidentiality obligations.

● Required to disclose it by law.

1. OXO E-shops has the open license to use the names, trademarks, service marks and logos associated with the User's store to promote the Service.

8. Third-party logistics companies

If the user is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the user can activate shipping through logistics companies from within the site or application to deliver the goods purchased from his OXO E-shops.

9. Fees Payment:

1. The User shall pay the value of the fees charged for subscribing to the Service, Point of Sale Products, or administrative and financial systems (“Subscription Fees”) and any other fees required including, without limitation, fees related to executing transactions in your Account (“Transaction Fees”) and fees related to the purchase of any Additional products or services such as third-party services (“Additional Fees”). Subscription Fees, Transaction Fees and Additional Fees are referred to as "Additional Fees"

2. The user must write valid credit card information in the registration file to pay all periodic financial obligations. OXO E-shops will record the fees charged to the credit card account for which the information was written (the “Authorized Card”), and OXO E-shops will continue to charge the authorized card (or any alternative card) for the fees due until the Services are terminated and only upon payment All fees payable in full unless otherwise noted. All basic fees and other fees are in Saudi Riyals, and all payments must be in Saudi Arabian currency.

3. The subscription fee is paid in advance, the invoice is issued within (30) days, and the payment is made in annual installments (all these dates are classified as “the date of issuing the invoice”). Transaction fees and additional fees will be calculated from time to time at the discretion of OXO E-shops and the User will be charged on each invoice date for all outstanding fees not previously paid. The charges are written on the invoice that will be sent to the account holder via the email written in the registration file. Users have (14) days to bring up and settle any issues related to subscription fee billing.

4. A period of 30 days is added to any subscription from the date of collecting the first subscription fee, which is the period during which the applications of the user's store are allocated, and their designs are customized based on their commercial identity and the services available in the package in which they were subscribed.

5. All fees do not include state, provincial, local, or other national sales, goods, services and fees. or fees that are in the future.

10. Cancellation and Termination:

1. The user can cancel his account at any time after the lapse of three months by contacting the support team, merchant success, or email customercare@oxo-eshops.com and then following the specific instructions indicated in the message.

2. When either party cancels the Services for any reason:

● OXO E-shops will stop providing the user with services and he will not be able to access his account after 30 days of canceling or terminating the subscription.

● The user does not have the right to a refund of any fees, unless otherwise specified in the terms of use.

1. Any balance owed to OXO E-shops as a result of your use of the Services by the date of such termination will immediately become due for payment in full and the User's website services will be discontinued immediately.

2. If the end of service date has come and the user has not paid a fee, one final invoice will be sent to the email. After the invoice is paid in full, the user will not be charged again.

3. Fraud: OXO E-shops has the right to suspend or terminate your account if it is suspected that you have engaged in embezzlement activity in connection with OXO E-shops own services or any of its customers and to take any other legal action if necessary.

11. Return Policy:

1. General rule: Any amounts paid after 10 days from the start of the subscription cannot be refunded.

2. Return steps:

● The merchant is required to be eligible for return according to the return policy.

● The merchant raises the return request by communicating with the customer service team in the designated channels.

● The customer service team will process the return request within 3-5 working days, if the merchant is not eligible for a refund, the customer service team will inform the merchant of the refusal and explain the reasons.

● If the merchant is entitled to return, the return will be within 20 working days from the date of accepting the request.

3. Annual subscriptions: The merchant has the right to request a full refund within 5 days if he does not use other services.

4. Quarterly subscriptions: The period for raising the refund request is 5 days from the date of subscription. The merchant is entitled to return during the mentioned grace periods.

5. Monthly subscriptions: The period for raising the refund request is 3 days from the date of subscription. The merchant has the right to return during the mentioned grace periods.

6. Products, devices, and electronics return policy:

According to the terms & conditions of the equipment manufacturer or the local agent.

You can also contact us to know the authorized service centers of the factories, their locations and ways to contact them.

12. Adjustments to service and prices:

1. The prices for using the services are not fixed and subject to change, provided that the user is notified 30 days in advance. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting changes on the OXO E-shops website (oxo-eshops.com) or in the Application by advertisement.

2. OXO E-shops shall not be liable to the user or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

13. Third Party Services:

1. In addition to these Terms, the User agrees to be bound by the additional Terms of Use that apply to the services purchased by you or provided by OXO E-shops partners or other third parties.

2. OXO E-shops may from time to time solicit or provide the User with software, applications, products, services, or links to websites (or “Third Party Services”) via the Website/App or directly. These Third-Party Services are provided solely for the convenience of the Customer and the purchase, access or use of any Third Party Services is solely between the Customer and the official Third Party Service Provider (“Third Party Provider”). Any use of third-party services provided through the OXO E-shops services or website/application is the user's own responsibility, and he is also responsible for reading the terms and conditions and privacy policies applicable to the third-party services before using them.

3. OXO E-shops MAKES NO WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO THIRD PARTY SERVICES. The user acknowledges that OXO E-shops has no control over the third party services, and is not responsible for any person in connection with such third party services. The provision of Third Party Services on the OXO E-shops website or application and the integration or activation of the Services and linkage with Third Party Services do not constitute or imply endorsement, license, sponsorship or affiliation of OXO E-shops to the third party service provider. OXO E-shops stresses that the user should seek advice from professionals before using or relying on third party services to ensure that his needs are met.

4. If the user installs or enables a third party service for use with the Services, he grants OXO E-shops permission to allow the applicable third party to access his data and take any other actions as required in order to activate the third party service with the Services, and any exchange of data or interaction The other between the user and the third party is an interaction that remains between them. OXO E-shops is not responsible for the disclosure, modification or deletion of User Data or Store Content and for any corresponding losses or damages you may incur as a result of access by a third party or third party service provider to your Data or Store Content.

5. Under no circumstances shall OXO E-shops be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, exceptional or any other damages whatsoever arising from any third party services or your contractual relationship with any third party provider. These limitations apply even if OXO E-shops has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The foregoing limitations apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and applicable law.

6. You agree to indemnify and hold OXO E-shops, the parent company, and its affiliates, friends, OXO E-shops partners, employees, directors, agents, employees and suppliers harmless from any claim including attorneys’ fees arising from your use of a third-party service or user relationship with Provider third party.

14. Copyright and Intellectual Property:

● OXO E-shops is obligated to protect the immovable intellectual property in the documents and in the absence of such documents, OXO E-shops is under no obligation to respond to notices of infringement of intellectual property rights or copyrights.

● If a person believes that an OXO E-shops has infringed their intellectual property rights, they should seek formal and legal ways to resolve any disputes without interference from OXO E-shops. With notice and notification of the situation, OXO E-shops has the right to remove or disable access to material that any party claims are infringing upon official notice from the court.